Dougies BBQ
123 Maple St,
Tampa, FL 33614


Welcome To Dougie's!

About us:
Cheers! Dougie's is in town!! Dougie's BBQ is the FIRST kosher BBQ restaurant chain in the United States. Dougie's serves popular American dishes. We serve variety of steaks, wraps, burgers, wings, soups, salads, and more. We cater for all events (Sheva Brachot, Shabbat dinner, birthday parties, office gatherings). Please remember to check out our breakfast menu and lunch menu.

Dougie’s of Great Neck, NY serves this flourishing center of New York Jewish culture with a centrally located family restaurant that caters to the entire community. At Dougie's, kids and their parents will feel right at home in the family-oriented atmosphere, while lunching business people, energetic students and active teens will love the sizzling food and equally sizzling service.

Three blocks from LIRR , Dougie's of Great Neck, NY is the ultimate kosher restaurant experience. Stop by anytime! We will be happy to serve you. And for added convenience, Dougie’s has other locations in the NY metropolitan and NJ areas.

Our Kitchen staff will modify your meal to your specifications. If you like it mild, a little spicy or very spicy, rest assured that by the end of the meal, you’ll be satisfied. And customer satisfaction is the number one priority to us. The portions are tremendous and the prices are reasonable.

While families do occupy many tables, you will often find married couples, dates, business associates and there always seems to be a few yeshiva guys having a Buffalo Wings contest. Dougie’s has all your favorites, such as Fire Poppers, Unbelievable Onion, Dougie’s Ribs, and Double Dougie’s Burger. And for all you vegetarians and health conscious people, we also have a variety of salads and a great array of wraps.

Under the Vaad of Queens

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